Buy Memorable Personalised Children’s Gifts Online in Ireland and The UK

So, that special time of year is back – and your little one’s birthday is approaching. The grand birthday celebration will be one thing, but, being a parent, you might be wondering about what gift to give your loved one.

There are plenty of gift options available, to make things even more bewildering. You also have to consider the likes and dislikes of your child while buying a gift for him or her. While most gifts are breakable or can get damaged within weeks, this time, consider buying a gift that is not only durable and beautiful but is also memorable and stylish. You can go for personalised children’s gifts.


Your child’s birthday is always a great day in your life, and you want to make it more memorable and pleasant by gifting him or her something lavish and unique. You might go for expensive products, but expensive gifts are not always useful. Considering the age of your child, and buy him or her a gift that can stimulate his or her inner intelligence. Being creative, young children love to play with gifts that are artful and cheerful. Buy gifts for children that allow their imagination fly high, and for this, a painting kit, craft kit, or engineering set are great ideas.

If you want to gift your children something that can last for decades and still look fresh and cherishing, then a personalised photo frame is one of the best gift options. In the list of personalised children’s gifts, photo frames come out on top, because they capture someone’s most important moments of life. Every time you look at the photo frame and the image inside it, you remember the moment and the people with whom you shared the moment. You focus on the image in it and admire the people smiling back at you.

We are Personalised Gift For You (PGFY) – an Irish online gift store where you can buy high-quality, customisable and stylish wooden photo frames for everyone in your family, including mother, father, sister, brother, new-born baby, aunt, uncle, grandson, and grandparents to name a few. If you are in search of personalised children’s gifts, then please browse through our collection of unique and stylish personalised wooden photo frames for your kids.

At Personalised Gifts For You (PGY), we wholeheartedly understand the values of memories, so we are in the business of embracing your treasured memories for a lifetime. We design and deliver personalised wooden photo frames to the UK, Ireland and all over the world. We are a division of Fine Framers, and we have more than 30 years of experience in creating unique and custom-made frames for a wide variety of photographs and 3-D objects.

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Perfect Personalised Gifts for Children in Ireland and the UK

Are you searching for beautiful and personalised gifts for children in Ireland and the UK? You have come to the right place. At Personalised Gifts For You (PGFY), we sell beautiful, handmade, one-of-a-kind wooden photo frames that make the perfect gifts for children of all ages.

We are Personalised Gifts For You – a division of Fine Framers, the Framing Experts in Ireland. Our photo frame designers imagine, outline, and craft lovely photo frames at our workshop in County Carlow. Our photo frames indeed make wonderful gifts from Ireland for children all over the world.

Here is the small collection of personalised gifts for children at Personalised Gifts for You

My First SelfieMe & My Big Sister

First Day at SchoolBaking With Mammy

Daddy’s Little HelperMy Last Day at Playschool

You can buy personalised gifts for children online, and efficient international shipping means that no matter where you are, you can get our gifts online from our store. To know more about custom–made wooden photo frames, please contact us at or call us on +353 59 9135645. We will be happy to answer all your queries.

Top Rated and Best Personalised Baby Gifts in Ireland & the UK

So, the long-awaited good news is finally here. One of your friends or family members has just welcomed a new, tiny family member into the world, and you are now planning a beautiful gift for the baby. But, what will you buy as a gift for the baby? Well, this is one of the most perplexing questions that we often come across.

Buying a baby gift is a real pleasure. There are plenty of cute, colourful and attractive baby gift products in the market that make the experience of choosing the right gift enjoyable. Buying an expensive baby gift is not always necessary. Instead, you should focus on the usability of the gift. Gift a product that is useful to the baby such as booties, soft toys, bibs, milk bottles, clothes and baby’s linen. These gifts will remind the mother of the baby who has given the baby gift.

First BirthdayMy First Photo

A personalised gift is yet another impressive way to make yourself and also your gift remembered for a long time. A personalised gift can be anything, it could be a pillow with the picture of the baby, a coffee mug, a personalised spoof newspaper or a personalised photo frame for a complete family. Compared to other options, a personalised photo frame makes an ideal birthday gift for baby. For more of a keepsake, you can’t go wrong with a custom-made, wooden photo frame that’s been shaped as per your unique requirement.

A personalised photo frame with a dedicated love message is the best way to show your love and care fpr  the baby. A personalised photo frame will remind the recipient how much you care, all the time. At Personalised Gifts for You (PGFY), we have a massive collection of wooden photo frames that can be personalised as per your unique requirements. All elements of our custom-made personalised baby gifts are crafted exclusively at our workshop, so each order gets utmost care and attention from our expert staff.

Our range of personalised gift photo frames expands each month as new products are added, so be sure to come back often for more inspiration for beautiful personalised gifts for any occasion.

If you are planning to gift someone a custom-made wooden photo frame with a dedicated love message, then please send us your query at You can also dial (+353) 59 9135645 to talk to our experts.