Buy Personalised Wooden Photo Frames in Ireland

Personalised Photo frames are the best ways to preserve the special memories of moments of you with your family, friends, or anybody else whom you adore. Photo frames not only protect the photos for the rest of their life, but also make it look attractive and help you relive the moment whenever you look at the image.


Photo frames are available in a wide range of patterns, sizes, and colours; hence, you can easily find a perfect photo frame that best suits the photo you want to frame. Personalised photo frames are a great way to make a statement on the wall. They will add spice to your home and will give each image an exclusive look. If you want your home to look expertly designed, frames are the way to go.

If you are looking forward to buying personalised wooden frames in Ireland and the UK, then at Personalised Gifts for You, we have it all for you. We are a proud framing division of “Fine Framers” – the framing experts from Ireland, who function from large retail and manufacturing space at the Wexford Road Business Park, Carlow. We have more than 30 years of industry experience in handcrafting wooden photo frames for a huge variety of photographs and three-dimensional objects.

At Personalised Gift for You, we have a massive collection of handcrafted wooden photo frames with affordable price tags. This collection of personalised photo frames in Ireland is the best gifting options for mum, dad, sister, aunt, grandson, baby, children and almost for every family member and relative. Visit Personalised Gift for You (PGFY) to buy:

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Personalised Photo frames remind us of the incredible life we lived and the people we met throughout the journey. Personalised photo frames at PGFY help you secure those amazing memories that have special importance in your life. Order customised wooden photo frames to give the greatest respect to those beautiful memories of your life. Our designer photo frames are the perfect place for the perfect memories.

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Buy Memorable Personalised Children’s Gifts Online in Ireland and The UK

So, that special time of year is back – and your little one’s birthday is approaching. The grand birthday celebration will be one thing, but, being a parent, you might be wondering about what gift to give your loved one.

There are plenty of gift options available, to make things even more bewildering. You also have to consider the likes and dislikes of your child while buying a gift for him or her. While most gifts are breakable or can get damaged within weeks, this time, consider buying a gift that is not only durable and beautiful but is also memorable and stylish. You can go for personalised children’s gifts.


Your child’s birthday is always a great day in your life, and you want to make it more memorable and pleasant by gifting him or her something lavish and unique. You might go for expensive products, but expensive gifts are not always useful. Considering the age of your child, and buy him or her a gift that can stimulate his or her inner intelligence. Being creative, young children love to play with gifts that are artful and cheerful. Buy gifts for children that allow their imagination fly high, and for this, a painting kit, craft kit, or engineering set are great ideas.

If you want to gift your children something that can last for decades and still look fresh and cherishing, then a personalised photo frame is one of the best gift options. In the list of personalised children’s gifts, photo frames come out on top, because they capture someone’s most important moments of life. Every time you look at the photo frame and the image inside it, you remember the moment and the people with whom you shared the moment. You focus on the image in it and admire the people smiling back at you.

We are Personalised Gift For You (PGFY) – an Irish online gift store where you can buy high-quality, customisable and stylish wooden photo frames for everyone in your family, including mother, father, sister, brother, new-born baby, aunt, uncle, grandson, and grandparents to name a few. If you are in search of personalised children’s gifts, then please browse through our collection of unique and stylish personalised wooden photo frames for your kids.

At Personalised Gifts For You (PGY), we wholeheartedly understand the values of memories, so we are in the business of embracing your treasured memories for a lifetime. We design and deliver personalised wooden photo frames to the UK, Ireland and all over the world. We are a division of Fine Framers, and we have more than 30 years of experience in creating unique and custom-made frames for a wide variety of photographs and 3-D objects.

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Personalised Wooden Photo Frames are the Best Way to Preserve and Display Treasured Photos

It is an unfortunate and sad truth of life that we all suffer the loss of Personalised Wooden Photo Framesmemories over time, and forget some really important moments of our life. However, photo frames and photo albums are a great way to re-live special and pleasant occasions from the past. We will tell here how a personalised wooden photo frame can be a saving grace.

There are many occasions and events in our life that we forget with the time, but whenever reminded, it is a pleasant experience. Treasured photographs bond us to those loved ones who are not around us at that time. It is because of these reasons that many people enlarge photos and display them in large wooden photo frames in and around their home. By framing images of family and friends in personalised wooden photo frames in your home, you make it clear that they are valued and loved.

Personalised wooden photo frames are a great way of grabbing attention for special events and people. Framed photos in attractive wooden frames also incite conversation moments, since every photo has its own story. Sharing those interesting stories all the time with the people may be boring, but there are many occasions when sharing them is a great way to break the ice and get the conversation started.

If you are looking forward to buying personalised photo frames made from high-quality wood, then you might be surprised to know that they are not readily available in the market because it is generally the smaller acrylic photo frames that are more commonly offered. These smaller photo frames are affordable, but are cheaper in quality; hence, they might damage the photographs in a few years.

If you are ready to invest a little extra money, then you will find sophisticated personalised wooden photo frames of your choice. Personalised photo frames are extremely attractive and decorative. Therefore, they easily enhance the charm and glory associated with the respective photos. Personalised photo frames easily fit with the decor in your home, so they do not clash or appear odd with existing décor items in the house. Instead, personalised photo frames actually subsidise to the overall ambiance of the space.

Browse through our product section  to buy personalised photo frames. We, Personalised Gifts For You, are a branch of Fine Farmers, a reputed wooden photo frame manufacturer in Ireland. We have custom-made photo frames for everyone and for every occasion. We have a passion for offering the best in quality, value, and service to all our customers. Whichever personalised gift photo frames you buy from us, we will ship them for free anywhere in Ireland and the UK.

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